On this page you can find links to articles and interviews I have written for other author sites.

Louise Allan - Writers In the Attic Series - 24 October 2016

In this article I talk about what it means to be a writer and how the lines are blurbed between 'my own' writing and the work I do as part of the writing community of Perth. This was one of the first pieces I was ever invited to write for another respected authors website and as such. I'll always feel quite sentimental about it. 

You can read this article here: https://louisejallan.com/2016/10/24/writers-in-the-attic-13-tabetha-rogers-beggs/

Lisa Wolstenholme - Who's That Girl - 28 October 2016

Lisa and I met at the KSP Writers' Centre back in 2013 when I started attending the Tuesday Writers' Circle writing group. Since then KSP has become part of our DNA. We both sit on the KSP Board of Management, and have both been the facilitator of the aforementioned Writers Circle since joining. Evolving from Writers' Circle we developed a more exclusive critique group, dedicated to peer reviewing of larger bodies of work. This group has been integral in the growth of my novel The Second Husband and with Lisa's familiarity with the lead character of Lexi Wormier she asked if she could interview her...rather than her creator, me. This is a fun interview, which gives a great insight into my main character. 

You can find this interview here: https://www.lisawolstenholme.com/single-post/2016/10/28/Meet-Lexi-Lorimar

Nadia L King - Writer Talks - 2 April 2017


Nadia and I seem to have danced around each other for sometime now. We move in the same literary circles and yet, we have never official met. 

I interview Nadia for my Tab's Road Trip with Writers' series in March and in a lovely reciropcal gesture, she interviewed me the following month. This was the first official interview I undertook as a writer and I loved getting to talk about my writing practises and the difficulties that come with pursuing the writing goal and having a busy life.

You can find this interview here: https://nadialking.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/writer-talks-tabetha-rogers-beggs/

Lee Battersby - Precious Literary Treasures - 17 April 2017

Lee Battersby is a precious literary treasure in himself. An Aurealis award winner as well as many other prestigious literary achievements under his belt. Lee and I are worlds apart in the genres we write in and even further apart in terms of our length of time in the industry. Lee is an industry pro and I am but a novice. So it was with great pride and a sense of 'I'm not worthy' that I accepted his invitation to write a piece for his Precious Treasure collection of essays. This is an essay I wrote very much from the heart.

You can find this article here: http://battersblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/04/precious-things-tabetha-rogers-begg.html