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October 8, 2016


Welcome friends and followers,


So what's this all about, I hear you ask and well, the answer is simple. It's my brand new blog page.


For the past two years I have composed photoblogs, reviews, interviews and travel stories for third party websites, a practice I have loved and will continue to do, but I felt it was high time, I started telling my own story, on my terms. 


Writing for local sites Perth Culture and So Perth as a theatre reviewer has given me not only great opportunities to see nearly every big theatrical event that has been to Perth in the last three years, but it has also led to networks that have opened other doors. Plus it has fed my other passion, performing arts, and saved me a truckload of money in theatre tickets.


While I am naturally a creative writer, shifting into a more journalistic style proved a useful training ground and an invaluable lesson in how to curb your adverbs and take yourself out of your writing.


But the time has come to put myself back into focus, and I'll use my adverbs as beautifully, descriptively, insightfully, surprisingly and superfluously as I please!   


My intention is to share a mix of interviews with fellow writers from all genres, genders, ages and stages of the writing journey. (Oh crap...sixth paragraphs in and I've already used the 'J' word!) 

but a road trip is all about the journey and not necessarily the destination. Although the destination is important, since you need one to take a road trip.

(Photo: Canola fields on a road trip to New Norcia - September 2016)


Between interviews, where I hope to weed out some lesser known facts about my guests, I will interweave my own posts about love, life and everything in-between.


Why 'Road Trips with Writers'?  Well, I confess, even before Thelma and Louise, I have always loved a good road trip. Especially the solo ones I have done. And I've done a few.


In 2007 I circumnavigated the State of Victoria including, the Great Ocean Road and the Great Alpine Drive, making sure to cross a hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley and a cooking class in East Gippsland, off my bucket list.

(Getting ready to go up in the big silk lung across the Yarra Valley, Melbourne - 2007)


When I was twelve years old my parents and I spent two months driving through Europe in a Citroen and years later when I was twenty one, a friend and I drove across four US states in a Toyota sedan. My first experience of driving a left hand drive on the (wrong) side of the road was in a hire car out of Los Angeles airport across the Santa Monica freeway and down to Long Beach, California. If that's not a testament to my character at that age, nothing else will be.


 (Natural hair colour and road tripping across California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada - 1992)


Just reminiscing now as I write this, there are some trips I'd even forgotten about, like the time I drove from Kalgoorlie to Augusta, back to Kalgoorlie again via Lake Grace and Esperance. It was a long drive but one I strangely remember having the epiphone, that I would write about all of it one day. 


Later in life I have road tripped with my husband across New Zealand and even convinced him to to make our honeymoon in 2009 a road trip across Europe. That time I let him drive but the thrill of being in control of our own destiny remains the same. 


 (Helicopter trip to Franz Joseph, while road tripping in NZ - 2008) 


 Oh yeah, road trips are my thing! 


To me a car is independence. A bubble you can isolate yourself in, with your favourite tunes, completely in control of your direction, and hours and hours of time to dream, plan and create.


These days even a 30 minute commute to work in the city is like a mini-roadtrip. Once you have children, any moment to listen to your choice of radio station in the quiet solitude of that metal capsule is like a mini reprieve from the chaos of daily life. 


Maybe I will use this blog as a means to recall some of my great road trips, both the solo ones and the ones with family and friends.


Who knows, down the track we might even introduce a bit of Roadtrip Rhythm ala James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke. Not sure I'm brave enough for that just yet. 


I'd love to hear about your great road trips, or if you'd like come on the road with me (in the literary sense), we can chew the fat along the road of a destination of your imaginary choice. I'll even treat you to an ice coffee at the nearest roadhouse for your trouble. 


My first passenger will be local sci-fi writer Guy Salvidge, who has agree to come on the road with me and share his thoughts on writing and what he is currently working on during his long service leave from teaching. I chose Guy because he has a witty sense of humour and unwittingly makes me laugh, when he is in fact trying to be serious. 


I hope you will come along for the ride.


Until next fortnight...drive safely and write often.


Love Tabetha x















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